It’s The Makeup Blog You Need to Check Out

If you’re searching the internet for a great makeup blog, chances are, you’ve found musings of a muse or temptalia. These ladies write wonderful posts! However, there’s a new girl on the block and she’s amazing. Laura from Not Another CoverGirl is a UT student that has a passion for her makeup blog. You should check out her latest post about the best eyeshadow primer.

Here she covers 3 of the top eyeshadow primers and tells you which she thinks is the best. Because as you know, if you want longevity from your eyeshadow, you willBest EyeShadow Primer┬ádefinitely need a primer. The muse and temptalia provide great information but you should definitely check out Not Another CoverGirl when looking for informative make up blogs. She even does requests! Provided you don’t ask her to try out a super expensive product haha


Be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and her YouTube channel to stay connected. Direct links to all of these accounts are listed on her site.

Remember, Shop smart and look fab!

Christmas Presents for Dad

Christmas is essentially upon us. Is it true that you are even now pondering what to get your adoring dad for the joyful season? It is not difficult to get things for your mom and kin. Christmas presents for dad are generally challenging. As such, they are extremely difficult to please and might dependably inquire as to why you experienced all the inconvenience. Here are 5 ideas for presents that might satisfy your dad this Christmas season.

1) Men and Cars

Men love their vehicles.. They wash them and wax them. They give their vehicles girly names and treat them as a major aspect of the gang. Give your dad something this Yuletide season that might keep that love fire smoldering between him and his auto. Get the windows tinted; purchase modifications for the vehicle that might give him an experience as no other in the driver’s seat.

2) Hunting Supplies

Men are primal creatures. So in the event that you get your dad a shotgun, rifle or muzzleloader or a guide about the best gaming places in the region. Furthermore, you can get him camoflouge that will empower him mix with the thick vegetation when he is in the woods searching for his prey. Assuming that he is an enthusiastic seeker, get him something that might make his chasing knowledge simpler. He might adore you considerably progressively for it.

3) Get Him Something to Read

The vital thing of note is to discover their top choice points throughout discussion and what they invest the vast majority of their chance doing. Dads welcome any data that supports their information and permits them stay large and in charge. So if your dad is close companions with nature, a geek or adores to cook recondite Mediterranean china, get him books, magazines or writing that might start up his investment all the more and expansion his aptitude set.

4) Music Gets the Blood Flowing

Is your dad a music enthusiast? He could be increasingly in tune with the music from the 60′s or 70′s and not be truly enthusiastic about the Hip Hop stars of today. Nonetheless, engineering has made it extremely simple to delve in the cartons and think of extraordinary music regardless of the possibility that it is music from an alternate time. The Cds could be discounted. Provided that you look hard enough, advanced downloads might additionally be accessible. Give him something to contemplate by uncovering those prototypal fondness tunes he used to charm your mother under the mistletoe tree.

5) Mr DIY

Men love to have handle things around the home when things need swapping or break down. Your dad might as well as well. You never know when something might presuppose altering. So it serves to keep a stash of supplies in the house. What’s more this can make an extremely cool blessing thought for your dad this Christmas. Get him settle it supplies or a family repair toolbox and put a closure to him acquiring apparatuses from nearby or using money on the neighborhood jack of all trades.

If these fail, you can also try the suck up technique and get the shirt below from Amazon.

Christmas Presents for Dad


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Shopping for Bargains Online

Online Bargain Shopping Tips

The key towards building a safe monetary future for you and your family is by sparing cash. There are numerous explanations why we have to put something aside for what’s to come, for example with the end goal of securing a retirement subsidize or for your family’s future fiscal needs, for example instruction for your kids. Sparing cash is one of the most ideal courses for you to guarantee your budgetary security. Sparing is likewise an exceptionally basic undertaking, epsecially with online bargain shopping.

Bargain shopping is one of the most ideal ways you can spare cash while purchasing the things you need and in spite of the fact that it might sound opposing, it really isn’t. The reasoning behind bargain shopping is to abstain from using a lot of cash on the thing you need. This is the lost international Id to the universe of sparing cash and you will find underneath 4 extraordinary tips on the most proficient method to spare cash when you have a go at shopping the following time.

Online Bargain Shopping

1) Do not be hesitant to Haggle

While hagggling may not be so normal, it wouldn’t bad to attempt and request unique rebates or advancements when making your purchase. It is not unlawful to attempt wanting credit on your product and if a bargain happened inside 10 days after your buy, a few retailers might give you a full credit for the difference in costs when you first purchased the thing item. This is a fabulous approach to get back a portion of the cash you initially used, gave that you still have the definitive receipt for the buy.

Most retailers have a support@ email address that you can contact.

2) Like their Facebook

Numerous outlets and retailers now have their own Facebook page. Also here’s the mystery; a few offers are proclaimed just through the organization’s social media platofroms. The development of portable innovation has offered ascent to another era of clients who need to be joined and ready to do the things they like constantly. Organizations understand this and prize its subscribers by making selective advertisements, for example bargains and rebates that is not accessible anyplace else.

3) Shipping Savings

We all love the accommodation of having the ability to shop and purchase our top choice items from the solace of our own homes yet a number of us don’t prefer the way that we have to fork out the additional money for delivering and taking care of charges. Furthermore you don’t need to endure it. You can spare some cash on your bargain shopping by deciding to shop at outlets that offer free transporting when you make a buy on their site. That way, all you have to do is kick back and hold up as your bundle gets sent to you.

4) Find Review Sites

Any genuine bargain seeker can advise that the mystery to uncovering a great bargain is to think about costs of things sold between stores. Sadly this can take a while so it might be better for you to visit certain sites that can do the correlations for you. This guarantees that you get the best cost for any thing that you purchase.

5) Search for Gift Cards & Promtions

There are several ways that you can do this. You can search for Gift Cards or search for coupons/promtions. An easy way to do this would be to search Google with the site name and the word coupon.

Ex: coupons

Our favorite site is Retail Me Not

Any cash that you can spare paying little mind to the sum will at present help towards your funds. Congrats, you have almost discovered the full secrets to the world of onine bargain shopping.

Tips To Shop Cyber Monday 2013

In the same way that “Black Friday” is the Friday post Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday is the first Monday in the wake of Thanksgiving in the United States. It has turned into the busiest day for online retailers as it formally begins the online Christmas shopping season. The thought of Cyber Monday is a later one. In 2005, the Us National Retail Federation’s developed the term in the wake of recording an enduring build in web activity and bargains on the first working day after the four-day Thanksgiving weekend.

The greater part of you must be now ready with your records of things to purchase; you’re likely sitting tight for Black Friday deals. Impending Christmas season save some money for Cyber Monday shopping. Online retailers offer fabulous bargains on all items. In addition, numerous rebates are selective to online stores. Here are tips to purchase blessings on this Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday Gifts

Chase for the Best Deals

Provided that you’ve never shopped online previously, there are chances you will get befuddled. The online business is tremendous as well as possesses large amounts of arrangements and rebates. The best system to keep a track of top arrangements is to screen cost correlation sites. They assemble value data from distinctive sources and make it accessible at a look. This recoveries you opportunity and inconvenience of going by numerous sites to follow the most gainful arrangement. Offers incorporate value decreases, free delivering and free things.

Need Mailing Lists and Newspapers

With mailing lists and daily papers, you can keep yourself educated on the most recent unique bargains and advancements. Need updates and mailing records of the aforementioned stores you shop at customarily, a couple of days soon after the deals start. Subscribing to mailing records additionally qualifies you for subscriber-just coupons. Coupons help spare increasingly on each online buy if dress or gadgets. Long range informal communication locales have turned into a critical promoting media. All mainstream stores have a social record by method of which they update supporters as often as possible on the most recent offers offered on their items. You can additionally shop through prize destinations. Notwithstanding marked down buys you can additionally gain reward focuses and money.

Beware of Scams

Given the notoriety of Cyber Monday Shopping, there are a few con artists that exploit clueless shoppers. Consequently, you ought to be wary when shopping on the web. Do your spot of examination. Explore the wellspring of the item. Beware of message connections offering engaging however incredibly high rebates.

Client Security

For a productive and safe bargain verify that you shop at secure locales; those that don’t uncover private and classified data to others. Utilize your Visa to shop. It helps resolve clashes might as well any emerge in future, for example harmed items or no conveyance. The Url on the status bar helps you verify if a site is secure or not. The Url of a protected site begins with a lock image and the saying “https”.

Online retailers slice their costs definitely on Cyber Monday; lower than on different events, for example Halloween and Black Friday. Shop and save enormous this Christmas season!

Click Here to find progressively on Cyber Monday deals.

Shopping Secrets From Fox

Fox News Shopping Tips

Christmas is right around the corner and some of us are starting our christmas shopping early. Perhaps you’ll shop in a store or online at somewhere like,, or Whatever you plan to do, check out these shopping tips for women